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        XUCHANG YOUSUN insulation products Co.,Ltd

        Contact Us

        Name: Helen Hai
        Tel: 86-0374-3134689
        Fax: 86-0374-3134689
        Mobile: 13782397557
        E-mail: info@hnyousun.com
        Add: Wenfeng road Weidu district Xuchang City Henan Province 461000 China
        Skype: hnyousun
        MSN: insulation_helen@hotmail.com
        MSN: insulation_helen@hotmail.com Skype: hnyousun

        About Us

        YOUSUN Insulation Products Co.,td is specializing in manufacturing electrical insulation materials served for electric motors, transformers and generators, YOUSUN Insulation was be established since 2002, With rich experiences and continuous innovation of more than 10 years, our tenet is "Competition and initiative, quality first, customers supreme, and maintenance of prestige" our Company offers high quality products and reliable services for many companies, the main products lie in

        1) Insulation Flexible Composites: Presspaper/Polyester Film, B-DMD, F-DMD, NMN(also known as NPN), NHN(also known as NKN)

        2)insulation sleevse: 2715 PVC sleeves , 2740 acrylic resin fiberglass sleeves, 2751 silicone resin sleeves, 2753 silicone rubber sleeves,.

        3)Impregnated Bind Tape :2830 Bingding tape,2840 Bingding tape,  2850W Bingding tape

        4)Insulation Woven Tapes: Pure Cotton Tape, Fiberglass Tape, Heat Shrinking Polyester Tape

        5)PET film (6020 tranparent film, 6021 milky white, 6051 polyimide film

        6) Laminated products:3240-Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth Laminated sheet, 3025-Phenoliccotton Fabric Laminated Sheet, 3021-Phenolic Paper Laminated Sheet .

        7) Insulation Varnished Cloths: Oil Varnished Silk Cloth, Oil Varnished Synthetic Fabric Cloth, Alkyd Varnished Glass Fiber Cloth, Polyester Varnished Glass Fiber Cloth, Silicone Varnished Glass Fiber Cloth


        Online service

        MSN: insulation_helen@hotmail.com  Skype: hnyousun
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